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Camel Towing Winter Auto Tips

With winter right around the corner, there's some things you can do to ensure your readiness when it comes to being prepared for the worst-case scenario. Whether it be waiting for your Camel Tow, to bracing a cold winter storm; with this guide. You can be sure to be prepared for anything.

Among the list of things on your to do list on the road to being ready is changing your tires to suitable winter fitted tires that give you optimal performance in not so ideal conditions. Secondly, maintaining adequate tire pressure can be beneficial as low or flocculating tire pressures can be an issue in the form of uneven pressures causing an imbalance in how they perform on the road. Another important thing you can check is your tire tread. This will give you an idea and indication on the longevity and ability of your tires. 

Another important thing is that you change your washer fluid to a winterized fluid to help combat the lower temperatures that would otherwise cause the fluids to freeze. Upon changing your fluid, you can also be sure than changing the wipers to the winter wipers will go hand in hand with the addition of the winterized washer fluid. 

It's important to note that keeping your vehicle with a above half tank of gas is always a good idea before you go anywhere in case of having to run it for warmth roadside, or if you get stuck in a traffic jam during a colder day. It's also notable to mention that keeping your tank half full ensures that dirt can't enter the fuel filter and get trapped leading to repairs and/or more issues.

The other important thing to check is if your heater is in good working condition as this will ensure that you have an adequate way of keeping you and the car warm and it will prevent it from freezing up. It's also never fun being trapped in a cold car without a proper heater on a cold winter day.

Moving down the list of things you can do regarding preparation is by ensuring all your defrosters are in working condition and able to perform the duties required for driving during the winter months.

And lastly but not least; Invest in an emergency survival kit for your car that comes equipped with a variety of items that will be essential and/or useful if you may break down or become stuck roadside. These kits are great and easily storable due to their size and contents while providing all the essentials.

To close, we’d like to thank you for your continued support and business as we continue to grow and evolve as a company. Also remember to #keepertight and give us a call when you’re in need of your next Camel Tow.


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